1a-Letís Take a Trip


Attendance ††† Play money††† handout††††††††† evaluation††††††



1.                  Participants will learn the value of planning in accomplishing objectives.

2.                  Participants will learn the value of teamwork in accomplishing objectives

3.                  Participants will learn to break projects down into manageable tasks and accomplish these tasks to achieve the overall goal of the project

4.                  Participants will share the results of their efforts and receive positive feedback for their accomplishment.



1.                  Classroom with adequate chairs and tables or desks

2.                  Pencils and paper for each participant

3.                  $1500 in play money for each group

4.                  Marker board and markers



1.                  Greet class, establish order, take roll (if needed)

2.                  Divide the class into groups of 4 or 5 and explain that each group is going to plan a trip. The trip will last for three days. Each group will have $1,500 to cover expenses. Distribute play money.

3.                  Ask the class what decisions they will have to make to plan a successful trip.

a.                  Where will we go

b.                  How will we get there

c.                   How do we obtain transportation

d.                  Where will we stay

e.                   How do we obtain accommodations

f.                   What do we need to take with us

g.                  What arrangements do we need to make before we leave

h.                  What will we do when we get there

i.                    How will this benefit us as a group and individually

j.                    What could happen to ruin our plans

4.                  Tell the class they have 30 minutes to plan their trip. Have each group select a recorder to write down their plan and a spokesperson to present results

5.                  Spokesperson presents results. Give positive feedback after each presentation.



1.                  Ask participants to share positive results from the project.

2.                  Explain that careers, education and relationships are a kind of trip. If you want to get anywhere, you have to know where you want to go and make proper preparations to make sure you have everything you need to reach your destination. Planning and preparation are the keys to success, whether you are planning a career, a relationship or a day at the beach.

3.                  Thank the class, gather materials and dismiss.