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Better Than Gold
Copyright 2003 Ron Barnes

Ain't got no money. I got no credit cards.
Ain't got no job although I'm looking so hard.
Got no portfolio with bonds and stocks.
Got holes in my pockets. I got holes in my socks.

Ain't got no mansion and I ain't got a yacht.
It would take me forever to tell all I ain't got.
I'll never be one of Wall Street's wealthiest men.
The one thing I've got, it makes me better than them.

I've got a woman who thinks I'm a king.
Who gives me more joy than having wealth can ever bring.
I've got a woman whose love just can't be bought or sold.
She's worth more than diamonds.
Yes, she's better than gold.


The banker called yesterday, said we're overdrawn.
The money we were saving for the future is gone.
Don't know how we're gonna pay the telephone bill.
But she smiles at me and says she knows that we will.

When I get worried 'bout the bills to be paid.
She gives me the strength so I am never afraid.
She gives me the strength to rise and face a new day.
She lets me know she believes that I'll find a way.

And then my woman puts her arms around me.
She lets me know that things will be the way they ought to be.
That's why my woman's the greatest story ever told.
She's worth more than diamonds.
Yes, she's better than gold.


Sometimes I wonder just what good thing I've done.
That out of all the others I should be the one
Who has a woman who keeps me warm when I'm cold.
You know, she's worth more than diamonds.
She's much better than gold.

Now I've got a treasure I can have and hold.
The woman's worth more than diamonds.
Yes, she's better than gold.