To the home of
Ron and Scarlett Barnes
Shablee is the senior cat and the largest. A friend of mine found her in a box and offered her to us. She was so sick and weak the vet said she would not last a week. Another dire prediction gone wrong.
These are our children.
Well, not really. But our children are all in their 30's and live in other states.
Scarlett had to have somebody to spoil. You've heard of cats who don't know
they are cats? Ours don't even know they are adopted.
Dobie is a perfect gentleman. He is very quiet and never bothers anybody. Most of the time, we never know he is around. When he does come around us, he is very affectionate and loving.
Robbie is a vicious jungle beast. If you don't believe it, just ask him. Of course, the few times he has ventured outside the house it scared him to death. He doesn't like for me to pet him but he sleeps next to my leg and likes to join me in my office when I'm working. I guess it's a guy thing.
Tiffany is our wild child. She bolts out the door every chance she gets but soon gets too hot or cold or hungry and comes back home. Like all the others, she has been "fixed" so we don't have to worry about unexpected additions.
Casper was an abused child. A neighbor took him away from the grandchildren who were abusing him and asked us to give him a good home. The rest is history.
Cindy is the newest addition to our family. Actually, we believe she is the reincarnation of Haylee, our first cat and my wife's constant companion for fourteen years. Cindy was born the day after Haylee died. Of course we did not find her until she was eight weeks old. Those were the longest eight weeks of my life. If anything ever happens to Cindy, I'm leaving the country.