To the home of
Ron and Scarlett Barnes
The dining room, like the living room, is only used for special occasions like Christmas or Easter. Most of the time, we eat in the den or the breakfast room. Sometimes we will eat at our desks when we are involved in a project. And sometimes I will take my dinner into the bedroom and eat while I watch a ball game. Our home provides us with shelter and comfort. We have been very comfortable here since 1988. We do not place a lot of importance on ceremony or pretense. We feel the home should be a comfortable place to live, not a showplace to impress the neighbors.

You will notice the bag of cat food propped against the door. We have six of them. This is their home too. In fact, we feel privileged that they allow us to share it with them. Someone once said that man is a product of ten thousand years of evolution designed to produce a better cat servant. They must have heard about us.