To the home of
Ron and Scarlett Barnes
This is the master bedroom. Notice the flowers decorating the window. Like every other room in the house, Scarlett did the decorating. For the eighteen years we have been together, I have always been busy with my work, my music and other outside activities to worry much about the house. I guess it's a guy thing. As long as I'm warm in the winter, cool in the summer and have food in the refrigerator and a place to work and sleep, I'm happy. Six years in the Marine Corps taught me how to be happy without a lot of frills.

My bathroom and dressing room are beside the bedroom. Scarlett's bathroom is just down the hall. We share a home, a life and a bed but we can not share a bathroom. She has to have her arsenal of cosmetics and two sinks before she thinks she looks presentable. I think she looks better than most women when she gets up in the morning. So maybe I'm prejudiced. I prefer to think I'm just lucky.