To the home of
Ron and Scarlett Barnes
This is Scarlett's office and sewing room. She likes to make designs and print them out on special paper which lets you iron the design onto a shirt. Not only is she beautiful, intelligent and charming, she's also very creative.

The cat on the floor is Tiffany. Back when we only had two cats, she asked me if she could get another one. I told her I thought two were enough. She left and returned with Tiffany. I guess she knows who's the boss in this house.

She has to have her own office because she says my office reminds her of a locker room. Too junky and functional. I don't have flowers or a television set. I guess it's the old "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" thing. She keeps telling me I don't think like a normal person-I don't think like a woman. She's right. I would rather watch a ball game or NASCAR than a movie about a woman who overcomes abuse and male prejudice. I would rather watch MSNBC than Oprah. So maybe I don't have any class. Live with it.