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Dear Brother Ron

What do you think it would take to experience absolute truth? I think there is one universal truth that connects not just humans, but every living being throughout the whole universe which is capable of questioning its existence. I also think to perceive "absolute truth" in complete clarity would only be possible for beings who are completely in tune with their own Spiritual existence in relation to the external universe. However this would still be only "perception".

Maybe searching for these so called "truths" is of little importance and practical value as it's too easy to trip over obstacles on one's path if the focus is completely on the distant horizon.

Mister E

Dear Mister E

The only "absolute truth" comes from God. To totally experience this, one would have to be in the presence of God. This would mean the person would have to be beyond the limits of space and time, which of course would not be possible for any living human. So you are not going to get absolute truth from any human or any human media.

And you are correct that even this experience would only be a personal perception. Jesus was probably as close as any human has come to having this kind of relationship with Him. I doubt we will see another person with such spiritual insight in our lifetime.

You are wrong, however, in saying that the search for such truth is of little importance or value. While you may never find the absolute truth which applies to all things, your search will lead you to the personal message God has for you. This will keep you from tripping over obstacles as you seek to become the person our Father wants you to be. So while you may not find the truth which is right for all, you will find the truth which is right for you. And that has great value indeed.

Best always
Brother Ron

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