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Guide to Active Job Searches

Now that you have your automated search working for you, you can start doing some active networking. If you did the information interviews we talked about earlier, you have already started your active job search campaign. This is where you begin to tap the "hidden job market" of jobs that are never advertised. As an active job searcher, you have several advantages over the person who relies solely on passive job search methods.

First, you are in control of the process. You decide which jobs and companies interest you and focus your attention on jobs you would like to have. You may even be interested in a job which does not exist. If you can show an employer how your talents and abilities can put more money in his pocket, he will often make a job for you.

Second, you avoid the screening of the Human Resources department. You are already dealing with the people who can hire you. Your application will be given to them with instructions to process it, not to inspect it for flaws. This means your odds of getting the job just went from 2-3% to 100%. You avoid the trauma of rejection and maintain a positive attitude about yourself and your career.

Third, you set in motion a chain of events which can help to automate your active career search. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. As you make your contacts, you are going to find people who know people who can use your talent. The effect is similar to ripples on a pond. As your ripples spread wider and wider, your support network grows and your chances for success increase dramatically.

Finally, you are dealing with human beings who will give you the respect and consideration you deserve. You are no longer a number or a form. You are a person who deserves to be treated with courtesy.


Start with the people closest to you-your friends and family. They have the most to gain from your success. They already have a good opinion of you and will probably be glad to help you. Tell them about your career goals and your plans to achieve them. Ask for suggestions about employers to contact. If they know people who work for an organization, get their names and ask your supporter to speak to them about openings or needs within the organization. Get the contact information for them so you can follow up.

You are going to need help keeping your network organized. If you have Outlook or Outlook Express on your computer, this is a great way to organize your network. You can also get your own online task scheduler, address book, calendar and free email address will help keep your job search organized from

Once you get your inner circle, start working your way out in ever-widening circles. Talk to the merchants you do business with. They may have other customers who could use you. Talk to the people at church. People who know the value of your character are quick to recommend you.

If you don't belong to a church, join one. If you don't want to go to church, join a service club such as
LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL  or other organization. You can network with other professionals and make the world a better place at the same time. TOASTMASTERS  is a great way to meet people and improve your public speaking skills. Any place where you can talk to others about your career plans will be useful to you.


Your support group can be larger than your circle of friends or even the state where you live. Internet resources such as mailing lists, usegroups and others can provide valuable career leads. I have seen job listings posted to them often. Here's a quick breakdown of the various Internet resources.

MAILING LISTS are groups of people who send email to each other through a common list server. There are thousands of them exchanging opinions and information on just about any subject you can name. Find one which interests you and join it. If you can't find the right topic, start one of your own. Solicit the support of the other list members. Offer your expertise in the subject being discussed. You just might impress somebody who can help you. You can find them at
, the official  catalog of LISTSERV lists Topica's catalog of lists and newsletters MSN Communities Access to thousands of Google Groups


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