Alcohol and the Angel

Dear Brother Ron

I was drinking one night, at my worst, when someone came up to me and said, "Amber, this isn't the way". I know he was right. He was the first one to point it out to me though. Could he have been a guardian angel?

Country Gal

Dear Country Gal

If not an angel, certainly a messenger from our Father. I was a professional musician for most of my life. I spent many years watching drunks from the stage. It's amazing how watching drunks in action will convince you not to become one. Let me give you three good reasons why your angel was right.

First of all, alcohol has a drying effect on the skin. When you drink, the alcohol dries you up from the inside out. After awhile, your skin looks like an old wallet. I have watched beautiful young girls turn into wizened hags. I seriously doubt you would want that for yourself.

Second, you find out that once the high goes away, the world is still there where it always was. You still have the same problems you had before you started drinking. Only now you have less money to cope with them and you feel too lousy to try.

Third, when the bar closes, you have to drive home when the bar closes. The guys with guns and badges have no sense of humor with drunks on the road. Waking up in jail with a hangover is not a good thing. Neither is meeting a tree up close and personal at 60 miles per hour. Of course you could always accept a ride from the friendly stranger on the next bar stool and hope he isn't into serial killing or date rape.

All things considered, I would say you definitely met an angel.

Best always
Brother Ron



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