Am I a Bible-Thumper? 

Dear Brother Ron

Am I a bible thumper for reading the Bible? The only time I speak of religion is when I'm asked for my opinion! So, am I labeled by society as a bible thumper?


Dear Universal

No, you are a seeker after wisdom who wants to learn how to love and serve our Father better. As long as you realize that the Bible is merely Religion 101 and not the way to a complete relationship with God, you'll be fine.

A bible-thumper is a preacher who demands that everybody accept his interpretation of the Bible as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. During his sermons, he carries an open Bible and thumps it with his finger repeatedly to emphasize his words come straight from that book. Although such people refer to themselves as Christians, I prefer to call them Biblists since they appear to worship the book.

By all means, continue to read the Bible. It is an excellent source of inspiration, poetry, history and sociology. But don't limit your understanding of our Father to that one source. God is constantly revealing new wonders to us to help us know and love Him better. It would be a shame if you confined yourself to the pages of a book and missed out on the full message and majesty of god.

Best always
Brother Ron            



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