Apes As Our Ancestors

Dear Brother Ron

Although it is being proven to be the truth more and more these days, people refuse to accept that we came from apes. What is so wrong with that? Why do people fear that thought so much? What's the big deal?

A theory is considered more the truth then the bible and Qur'an. Evolution theory has been studied, experimented, researched, and proven.. so its not just a theory! And apes are our ancestors, apes have 48 chromosomes, we have 46... 23 from each parent, but the one that was missing was infused together the whole time so it didn't count as 2 rather than 1 which made 46. There is enough proof to make it safe to say we are most likely relatives of monkeys. Again, what's the big deal?


Dear Jasmina

People are opposed to the theory of evolution because they prefer to believe that God created man in a single divine thought rather than setting in motion a chain of events which would result in us being here to ask and answer this question. These are people who adhere to a literal translation of the Bible rather than accepting it as a collection of stories passed down orally from generation to generation. This is because they fear that any challenge to any part of the Bible will bring down their faith like a house of cards.

As I have said previously, the Bible is indeed a good book. It is a good guide to behavior, study of ancient Hebrew society and direction toward a closer relationship with God. But it is a book which was translated and edited by humans. They were good people, intelligent people and devout people. But they were humans, with all the imperfections we all share. I fail to see how imperfect humans could produce a perfect book.

Personally, I am not so much interested in how we got here as I am in what our Father wants me to do to help His plan for our future. We can argue about ancient history until the cows come home but we can not change it. We should keep our eyes on the road ahead instead of focusing on the rear view mirror.

Best always
Brother Ron


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