Approval of Man or Love from God

Dear Brother Ron

Do you seek approval of men or Love from God.?


Dear Dromedary

If you seek approval of humans, you are going to be disappointed. Somebody is always going to find a reason to rain on your parade. Have you ever noticed that, as soon as somebody becomes successful or popular, somebody always finds a flaw in that person and exploits it to the fullest? We humans delight in revelations that the rich and famous are no better than us. The psychological term for this is schadenfreude. Classic examples include Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and Michael Vick. If you have been following the Republican race for the Presidential nomination, you have seen that, as soon as one candidate's popularity increases, the press and the other candidates jump on them like a pack of hungry wolves.

So seeking the approval of the public would seem to be a futile effort. As far as God's love is concerned, you already have it and have had it since before you were born. Learn to use the power of that love within you for God's purposes and human approval will follow (at least from the ones who matter).

Best always
Brother Ron



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