Are Intellectuals at a Disadvantage? 

Dear Brother Ron

Most of the intellectual people I know are not believers of God. They use their minds for many things in life but it seems like they are "blocked off" when it comes to believing in Jesus. It's like a higher IQ makes you a 'doubting Thomas'. Why is it so hard to have faith and believe without seeing?


Dear Ellen

Intellectuals are trained to look for documented proof and collaboration before accepting anything. This can be good when analyzing human works or statements. The problem is this objectivity is based on certain assumptions about what constitutes reality and fact. These assumptions are based on the laws of nature and physics as we understand them.

God and faith are not subject to our laws of nature and physics. It has been said often that man only uses a small percentage of his brain. Imagine what would happen if a person were to find a source of power within himself which would open up new areas of thought and new perceptions about the world around him. What could such a person accomplish? What would happen if a person became one with God as Jesus instructed us to do?

Of course this would require the person to abandon traditional assumptions and traditional ways of thinking. This might be very difficult. Check out the movie "What the #$^& Do We Know?". You can order it from Netflix or get it from most video stores. It might open the eyes of your skeptical friends.

Best always
Brother Ron



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