Are Our Pagan Ancestors in Hell? 

Dear Brother Ron

A lot of people in the past were pagans. Now if paganism is wrong, are our ancestors in hell for their practices such as Wicca, druidism, voodoo, native American spirituality, fortune telling, astrology, numerology, spells, psychics, etc. Thanks!


Dear Wondering

This has been a major selling point for religious organizations for hundreds of years. Christians are sure they are the only ones going to heaven. The Muslims are equally sure that only they will enter Paradise. And of course the Jews are God's chosen people.

Now some may think I'm being silly or sacrilegious when I talk about selling religion. I'm not. Here's how to sell religion. First, you convince people they have a problem. For example, you could convince people they are being punished by God because He does not like what they are doing. Then you offer a solution for their problem. If you stop misbehaving, come to our church, do what we tell you and give us money, God will stop punishing you.

But to be really effective in selling your religion, you have to convince people that only your religion offers a cure for their problems. If they try any other religion, God will still hate them and keep punishing them. It's a great marketing strategy and religious professionals have been using it successfully for hundreds of years.

Let me ask you a question. Do blind people go to heaven? How about the mentally impaired? Do those with Down's syndrome go to heaven? How about the deaf and the physically handicapped?

If god can forgive our physical shortcomings, don't you think He is able to forgive our spiritual shortcomings as well? The people you mention worshipped the limited concept of God which they could comprehend. I seriously doubt that God condemns people to eternal damnation for not being able to fully understand Him. If that's the case, we are all in trouble.

Since none of us are as smart as God, we can not comprehend His thinking. Since we are confined to a 3-dimensional reality, we can not comprehend a being who has no limitations. Fortunately, God understands and forgives our limitations since He is the one who created us with them. It's a shame that humans can not be that understanding or forgiving.

Best always
Brother Ron

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