Atheists in Education 

Dear Brother Ron

How do atheists have such a strangle hold on our (American) educational system? From what I gather from a few statistics I've seen, the majority of the US doesn't accept the theory of evolution. Apparently, eighty-some percent of this country believes that the Judeo-Christian God is responsible for the creation of the universe and life on this planet. With such an overwhelming majority, how does "creation science" stay out of public schools? They've stripped it down enough that it isn't affiliated with any religion. It doesn't violate our constitutional rights of separation of church and state, so why has it not been taught as a viable alternative to evolution? Our president (and presumably many others in D.C.) starts everyday with a prayer and has meetings with the pope, so it isn't the people in power holding it back. So, what's the deal? Does creationism / ID really have no leg to stand on or what?


Dear Bowledunder

It's not the atheists who have a hold on the education system, it's the science teachers. Of course God is responsible for the creation of the universe. The problem is that you can not use the scientific method to validate the existence of God to a scientific certainty. Since you can not use science to prove the existence of God, you should not teach God in a science class.

The problem is not that science teachers don't believe in God. Many (if not most) do. But their belief is based on faith, not scientific experiments. Science limits itself to objective data which can be documented and verified in a controlled environment. What lab is big enough to contain God? What scientist can duplicate creation?

Creationism should be taught in the home and in the church but it has no place in a science class.

Best always
Brother Ron


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