The Bible Is In Vain 

Dear Brother Ron

One must wonder why Satan would endeavor such a vile legacy of sin and destruction. Why is God not planning on forgiving Satan or at least give him a chance to repent as evident from the book of Revelations. Christians claim that Satan was the wisest angel next to God and way beyond the wisdom of human beings. Together with that reason, angels can't go back on a decision and therefore God will not forgive Satan.

How contradictory is it that such a wise being like Satan couldn't realize that God could never be defeated and rebel against Him? All of a sudden the smartest being in the universe next to God gets jealous and goes ahead to suicide Himself fighting against God and 2/3 of the angels! The odds were against Satan let alone that God could just snap His fingers and vanish the whole horde of traitors!

It doesn't make sense that Satan would rebel against God since he was so smart! The story is flawed and therefore the Bible is in vain!


Dear Faithcrusher

Your reasoning points out the reason why religious organizations should avoid the use of mythology. Skeptics often seize on such errors to debunk the entire dogma. Take the story of Satan, for example. Satan is the Hebrew word for adversary. Every great hero has to have a great adversary. Where would Batman be without the Joker? Where would Superman be without Lex Luther? And certainly the religious organizations have been very effective in portraying Satan as the ultimate adversary. He also makes a great scapegoat for human weakness. How many people have tried to blame their evil deeds on Satanic influence? 

But when you say the story is flawed so the Bible is in vain, you are only half right. Yes, the story is flawed. No, the Bible is not in vain. The Bible is a great collection of philosophy, history, poetry and theology. If used correctly, the Bible can be a great source of inspiration, enlightenment and enjoyment. But having been written over the course of 5,000 years by many people and edited by committees which had political, theological and financial agendas, the Bible contains many examples of the imperfect nature of man's handiwork. The trick is to see beyond the human imperfections to the greater glory underlying the work.

We can not just read the Bible and take every word at face value. We must reflect on it and ask the voice of God within us for guidance. We will find some parts of the Bible extremely helpful and others less helpful. Have you ever been to an all-you-can-eat restaurant? Did you eat everything offered or did you just take what would be beneficial to you? Although some purists may refer to this as cherry picking, I prefer to think the Spirit of God is guiding you to the message which will be most beneficial to you personally. I believe God speaks to each individual and gives that person the resources to meet their individual needs. 

You should approach the Bible with that attitude. Approach the Bible like a treasure hunt. God has a message for you which will give you strength and inspiration to meet your daily challenges. Approach the Bible with that attitude and you will find that the Bible can be a very helpful and enjoyable experience.

Best always
Brother Ron

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