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Dear Brother Ron

In Luke 10:1 the best manuscripts say Jesus sent out 72 disciples. Later scribes evidently changed the number to 70 because they felt it had some symbolic meaning. Does your translation say 72 or 70.

In John 7:8 the best manuscripts have Jesus saying: "I am not going to this festival." Later scribes added the word "yet." Evidently it sounded to the scribes like Jesus was lying. Which does your Translation have?

Again please note what translation you are using.


Dear Translator

Luke 10:1

72 is found in the Contemporary English, Douay-Rheims, English Standard and Good News translations.

70 is found in the American Literal, American Standard, Bible in Basic English, English Majority Text, God's Word, International Standard, King James, Literal Translation, Revised, Webster and Young's Literal Translation.

John 7:8

"not going" is found in the American Standard, Bible in Basic English, Contemporary English, Douay-Rheims, English Standard, Good News and God's Word.

"not YET going" is found in the American Literal, English Majority Text, International Standard, King James, Literal, Revised, Webster and Young's Literal Translation.

This question points out the problem of taking every word of the Bible as the totally correct word of God. Which word are we talking about? There have been many revisions and translations of the Bible since the First Council of Nicea produced the Textus Reciptus in the year 325 A.D. That book itself was the product of considerable editing and decision making.

This is why I advise people not to look for the word of God in a book, a building, on the internet or on television. All you are going to get is another person's interpretation of the message. That interpretation may be true for that person but it may not be true for you. God has a message for you but you won't hear it from another human. You will only hear it if you listen to the voice of God within you. Jesus told us this in Luke 17:21-"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

If you want to find the word of God, you have to look in the right place.

Best always
Brother Ron

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