Can a Person Be Cursed?    
Dear Brother Ron

Do you think people can actually be cursed? I hope I'm not paranoid but I wondered if people can be blessed then surely people can be cursed as well? Yes, you guessed it I think that I'm probably cursed. Not in terms of a gypsy curse or walking under a ladder type thing but I mean actually cursed since birth. I know this might sound weird (yeah my life does suck but that's not the issue) but me being cursed was kind of prophesied by someone.
By the way, I do not believe I am crazy.


Dear Googler

If you believe that you are cursed, then you are. A person who has a low self-image will have low expectations and will expect bad things to happen to them. Sure enough, bad things happen to them, further reaffirming the low self-image and continuing the downward spiral of that person's life.

If you have a poor self-image, others will sense this and form a poor opinion of you. This results in you having a poor support system, making you vulnerable to life's inevitable misfortunes. As bad things happen to you, there is nobody to help you through them, leading to further depression and lowered expectations of yourself and others.

You are not cursed. You are blessed. You are a child of the living God who is creator and ruler of the universe. He is alive and well within you and has the power and wisdom to help you succeed in anything you attempt. Stop listening to the voices of doom and gloom (including your own) and start listening to the voice of God, who wants nothing but the best for you and believes in you. And if God believes in you, shouldn't you start believing in yourself?

Best always
Brother Ron


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