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Embarrassment, Not As Important As Life

I once read a story about a conflict that took place between two Indian Rajahs. The one defeated the other and took captive the son of his rival, and the day he was to return to his own palace he prepared to march into the city in triumph. There was a great procession of elephants, cavalry, infantry, and a long line of captives.

Among them was the young prince. He was told that we was to walk bare-footed and bare headed. He was indignant and said, "What! Go in
like that! What will people think! Imagine the faces they will make!" The rajah said, "You haven't heard all yet. You shall carry a bowl of milk in your hand, and if you spill so much as a drop, you will lose your head at the close of the procession!" In a few minutes they brought the bowl of milk, and two guards walked with him, one on either side, and the procession started to move. On and on they went for perhaps a mile or more into the presence of the rajah. And the young prince walked along holding the bowl of milk. It seemed to him he would never finish without spilling some of it, but he completed the ordeal safely. Finally, he stood before the Rajah.

"Well young prince, what kind of faces did the people make?"

The prince looked up and said, "Your majesty, I did not see the faces of the people. I saw only my life which I held in my hands and I knew one false step would make me lose my life."

Friends, if we will keep our eyes on God like the young prince kept his eyes on that milk we will not worry what people think about us!