1.We worship the one true God, Creator and Master of the Universe, whose essence is life and who displays unconditional and eternal love for all of his creations.

2.We strive always to serve His purpose, which is benevolence, love and respect for ourselves, each other and all of God's creations.

3.We know that we live because of the presence of the Holy Spirit within us and are assured that, at the end of this life, the Spirit will return to the Creator from which it came.

4.We recognize the validity of the messengers the Creator has sent to us to teach us how to fulfill God's purpose for the earth and its creatures.

5.We strive always to keep our hearts and minds focused on the love and purposes of God and to avoid sin, which is anything which separates us from God and His universal plan for all of His creations.

6.We acknowledge that our deeds should reflect our beliefs and that we should serve as shining examples of the love of God to all mankind.

7.We acknowledge that God speaks to each of us in the language we understand best and that He gives to each of us the wisdom, strength and facilities to carry out our role in His plan.

8.We acknowledge that only God has the authority and wisdom to judge our acts and motives. We unconditionally accept all those who wish to join with us in serving the purposes of the Creator with the same love and respect God has shown for us. 


Our Ministries

Ask Brother Ron
Brother Ron answers your questions about religion, spirituality and ministry

Gatebuilder Ministry

A ministry to ministries. We want to help you become a more effective servant of our Father and your community.

Living Smart Outreach Ministry
Equipping people to be positive,  productive members of the community.

Prayer Ministry
Prayers and prayer resources for Baha'i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, New Age, Pagans and other faiths.

Religious Education
Resources to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world's major religions

Music Ministry
Ron's original gospel songs and links to Christian music web sites.

Resource Directory
Where to find help for medical problems, abuse, finances and other issues.

Career Planning
How to identify the right career, locate potential employers and get the job you want.
Brother Ron Barnes
Founder and Pastor