Family Reunion
This is my daughter, Cindy, and my mother. Cindy has four children and works as a home health aide. My mother is retired and lives in Denver. We also have a son, Robert, who lives with his wife in Raleigh and a daughter, Sherry, who lives with her husband and their four children in Georgia.
This is my daughter, Lou, with her two children and her husband, Dan. Lou has a pet grooming business and Dan is a communications technician. I can't believe I am old enough to have a 17-year-old grandson. How the heck did that happen?
My parents bought this house in Oklahoma City when I was three and we lived here for four years. My sister, Rose, was born while we lived here. She is now an attorney in Denver. You just met her two daughtera, ahown above..
When I was seven, we moved to this home and lived here for six years.
My parents bought this home in 1959 and lived here for the next thirty years. My father was one of the most famous hair stylists in America. He coached six U.S. Olympic Hair Styling teams (yes there really is an olympics of hair styling) and was the first American invited to Russia to teach hair styling in 1968. He gave seminars all over the country and was one of the first five people inducted into the NCA Hall of Renown.
My mother came from a family of eight and my father came from a family of seven. They all had children and we all had children. This is what it looks like when a few of us get together for lunch. I jokingly tell people I don't have a family, I have a tribe.
Thank you for allowing me to share some things about my home and my family. I am very proud of them.

This is my niece, Jessica, daughter of my sister and her husband. This is a shot from her modeling album. When she was only two or three, she would sit on my foot and have me swing it so she could ride it like a swing. It's hard to believe she is graduating from OSU this year..
This is my other niece, Miranda. Miranda has decided to devote her life to ministry and is currently finishing her work on a Master's Degree in divinity at Princeton University. This picture was taken on a missionary trip to Ghana, where she spent the last two summers.
Like I said, I don't have a family, I have a tribe. Many of us gathered in Denver recently to help my mother celebtate her 90th birthday. Reading left to right, top to bottom, meet my cousin Don, my cousin Gary, Janice's huband Bob, my cousin Terry, some wino who wandered in off the street, my brother-in law John, my sister Rose, my cousin Clyde, Wanda's new husband, my cousin Carol, her mother Vena, my cousin Kay, my cousin Phyllis, my mother, my cousin Janice, my second cousin Doug and his family and my cousin Wanda.

Unfortunately, my cousins Marilyn, Susie, Donna Fay, Frank, Clyde III and Janet could not make it to the party. Clyde was the only one who brought any of his children with him. Otherwise, we would have had to get a much bigger room. Behind us, you see some of the friends my mother has made since moving to Denver. She's a very popular lady.