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The Gaia Hypothesis


Dear Brother Ron

Do you believe in the Gaia Hypothesis? I do. I believe that the Earth is a living organism which we are a part of. The earth is made up of many complex parts that all work together to keep it alive just like humans or any organism. The rain forests, swamplands, deserts, oceans, lakes, rivers, volcanoes, rocks, fungi, plants and animals each have a certain function in keeping the Earth alive just like we have different organs that keep us alive. Just like we are constantly changing so is the Earth. When the rainforests are destroyed it is like a cancer eating away at the lungs.

I think humanity plays an important role as we are the only ones with the capacity to leave the planet and possibly start life on a new one in the future. It is also our job to take care of the earth because with our great power comes great responsibility. I also believe that the Earth has a consciousness like any organism though we certainly couldn't imagine what it is like to be earth.

What parts of this theory do you buy?


Dear Jeffrey

I agree that that the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth are coupled to form a complex interacting system. This coordinated system of living organisms maintains the climatic and other conditions on Earth in a preferred homeostasis. This condition, however, is not necessarily the preferred environment for humanity.

Over the ages, mankind has adapted to his environment. It would be unreasonable for us to assume that the environment would adapt to us. When God granted mankind dominion over the earth, He intended for us to be faithful stewards in our care of the world He provided for us. For us to rape and pillage this dominion would be an insult to the God who presented us with this hospitable environment and the ultimate act of self-destruction.

I also hasten to point out that, in  Genesis 1:26, God gave Adam dominion over the things that lived on the earth. He did not necessarily give him control of the earth itself. Adam could not control the weather, the tides or the volcanoes. Neither can we.  There has been much talk lately about the dangers of global warming. This has happened before. Humans did not cause the ice age and they did not end it.

The planet does what it needs to do to ensure its own survival. It is not necessarily concerned about ours. The planet got along quite nicely after the dinosaurs left. It will probably continue to take care of itself if we are gone.

So the earth will certainly adapt to assure its own survival. These adaptations, however, may not be favorable or even conducive to continued human habitation. As I said, the planet considers its survival more important than ours. After all, it was here first.

Best always
Brother Ron