3. Goal is not a Four-letter word

   Attendance    Handout    Evaluation



1.                  Participants will learn to identify goals they want to reach.

2.                  Participants will learn to identify the strength within themselves which will empower them to achieve their goals.

3.                  Participants will learn to develop strategies to achieve goals in the areas of money, career, leisure and relationships which will lead to achievement of goals without using destructive behaviors.


1.                  Classroom with adequate chairs and tables or desks.

2.                  Pencils and paper for each participant.

3.                  Marker board and markers


††††††††††† 1, ††††††† Greet the class, establish order, take roll (if needed)

2.                  Explain that we are going to discuss goals and ways to develop successful strategies to achieve them.

3.                  Explain that we are going to learn how to achieve goals in six different areas.

Draw the following chart on the board and distribute the handout.























































Now letís look at each of these areas.

4.                  Education-Knowledge is now doubling every two or three years. That means you are going to have to keep learning for the rest of your life.

5.                  Physical-How are you going to care for your body so you can live a long and healthy life?

6.                  Social-Do you want to have a family? What kind of friends would you like to have? How will you spend your free time?

7.                  Financial-How much money will you need to live the kind of life you want? How will you get it?

8.                  Emotional-What will make you happy? How do you define self-satisfaction?

9.                  Spiritual-What is your relation to God? Can you draw on the power of His Spirit within you?

10.              Now notice that for each of these categories, we have to figure out what we want, how to know when we have it, how we are going to get it, what reward we expect to receive by achieving our goal and how soon we expect to get it.




Those of you who are involved in athletics know that, in order to win, you have to have a game plan. What you have in front of you is a game plan for a satisfying life. Your assignment is to map out your game plan. This is not a test. The only grade you will get is the grade you give yourself. I want everybody to make an ďAĒ. Feel free to consult with your friends, family, clergy, teachers or anybody else who can help you.


And write your game plan in pencil. As your situation changes, you will want to change your plan. In fact, you might want to make copies of this so you can use it to set new goals as you achieve your current ones. By doing this, you will continue to grow and get the satisfaction of achieving new heights.


Thank the class and dismiss.