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                               God's Will or Demons                 

Dear Brother Ron

I'm reading an interesting book called "Letters from a Skeptic", and the author indicates that he believes when bad things happen in life that sometimes it is because God doesn't have all the control and that it can be demons  causing these things to happen. As an example he uses that fact that there are babies born deformed or people who get into horrific accidents or have illnesses that cause them to live in wheelchairs unable to move from the neck down, etc. What do you think of this?


I was always of the belief that bad things happened because God allowed it to happen because there may be a reason behind it that we weren't privy to know. I had a stillborn baby last November who was lost because my water broke at only 6 months, there is no medical reason for that, and nothing was wrong with the baby. Do you think this loss was God's doing (which I always assumed) or a demon's doing?

Anna Kat

Dear Anna Kat

I think sometimes things happen for reasons that have nothing to do with God or demons. The loss of your baby was certainly a tragedy but I doubt that it was the result of divine retribution for past sins or demons playing a prank. Birth defects and stillbirths happen every day for a variety of reasons. You say there was no medical reason for your stillborn baby. The truth is there was no medical reason the doctors could identify. The fact that the doctors could not find a medical reason does not mean there is no medical reason.

Please be assured that God does have all the control. Your belief is correct. There is usually a reason for God's actions. Sometimes it takes a long time for us to see these reasons. Sometimes we never see them. But God is neither insane nor stupid. There is a reason why He does things.

You are neither cursed by God nor possessed by demons. I hope you keep trying to have children and I hope your efforts are successful.

Best always
Brother Ron