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                      How Can I Feel Equal and Free                   

Dear Brother Ron

How can I feel equal and free in a world that places religion on a pedestal yet praises a capitalist society and encourages racism by forcing stereotypes and misrepresentation of racial groups? How do you combat those outside influences and stay steadfast AND not judge others for their racism although it feels like certain racial groups are being singled out?


Dear Benny

Racism is the result of three human needs:

1. A need for speed and convenience. In today's fast-paced world, we look for the fastest and easiest way to get things done.

2. A need for order. We want a place for everything and everything in its place. This includes people. Have you ever met somebody and walked away saying, "I just can't figure them out"? This made you feel very uncomfortable, didn't it?

3. A need for esteem. Although nobody likes a person who thinks they are better than everybody else, everybody needs to feel like they are better than somebody else. If you thought you were the lowest person on the face of the planet in every way, you probably could not live with yourself.

Now put these together and you understand why we look for the quickest and easiest way to judge others as worse than we are. It's not right, it's not logical and it's not moral but that's the way most humans work.

How do you stay steadfast and maintain your objectivity in such an environment? By recognizing this behavior for what it is-a type of voluntary ignorance and tunnel vision. Most people do not want all the facts. Just give me a 15-second sound bite and let me get on with my life. If you are comfortable with yourself, you will understand that nobody knows enough about you to judge you except you and God. Since God's love for you is equal to His love for his other children, you are free to feel equal to them regardless of their opinion.

Jesus said we should love others as much as we love ourselves. If you are good enough for God to love (and you are), you are good enough for you to love. Once you understand this, you do not need to put others down to build yourself up. And you now have the strength to stay steadfast and nonjudgmental in a judgmental world.

Best always
Brother Ron