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Is God Taking a Break?

Dear Brother Ron

These past seven years have not been easy. With the war in Iraq, the World Trade Center tragedy, nuclear scares all over the world, and even the Virginia Tech massacre, I can't help but feel that god has left and is leaving us here to fend for ourselves. God looks after the good and the righteous, so how could he have let those 33 men and women die, i mean they were college students and teachers. One professor gave his life to save other students. I just don't see the meaning of God doing such a thing. We can't blame the devil because what would he gain? Those were good people and the professor who gave his life goes to heaven because of self sacrifice.

It leaves me to feel that we no longer have the guidance of our Lord. Has God truly taken a break or is he just sitting to the side watching us with no interference. Free will means he couldn't change the murderer's mind but he could have made the bullets miss or the guns misfire. I am confused in these times. Maybe the Bible has answers for me but I can't seem to find the right passage. Please help me with my questions.


Dear Bent

One of the chief functions of a father (including our heavenly Father) is to teach his children. Sometimes the lessons are hard. We need to look at these events and see what we can learn from them.

The war in Iraq should teach us that we can not assume we know what is best for other people. We can also learn that, before we commit to a course of action, we should consider all alternatives. This means we should make sure we fully understand the reasons for our actions, the people who will be involved and all possible consequences. The Bush baby and his Bushmen assumed that our military and economic power would make their wishes come true. We all know what happens when you assume. Sometimes pride really does come before a fall.

The World Trade Center tragedy should teach us that, before we back a political movement, we should understand what will happen if they win. Remember when the Mujahadeen de- feated the Russians in Afghanistan? We were big fans of the Mujahadeen back then. The result was the Taliban and Osama. If you find Aladdin's lamp, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Nuclear scares all over the world? Did we really think that, when we developed and used nuclear weapons, we could keep that genie in the bottle forever? Now we must face the choice between learning how to live with and understand each other or turn this planet into a nuclear ashtray.

Virginia Tech? The lesson there is there are those among us who feel alienated and resent- ful. Many would respond that these feelings are not realistic. They may not be realistic to us but they are to the person consumed by them. Telling that person to tough it out or ignoring them is not realistic either.

I am reminded of the story of the man who was having trouble getting his mule to move. An- other man is passing by, notices the problem and offers to help. He walks over to the side of the road, picks up a 2x4 and whacks the mule between the eyes. The mule whinnies and staggers back.

"What did you do that for?", asks the first man, "I wanted to move him, not kill him."

"Yes," said the second man, "but first I had to get his attention."

Does God have our attention yet?

Best always
Brother Ron