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Is God Testing Us?

Dear Brother Ron

Is life all about God testing us seeing whether or not we truly love him? My question is there are thousands of terrible things happening at this second and I wanted to know if God purposely does this so that he doesn't repeat his mistake which he had done with Satan. Thus basically I have come to believe (and I don't imply this as an insult) that God when he had created humanity that he was somewhat inexperianced and that God is somewhat human.

I belive that he is human because the very fabric of the universe was created from his very soul and if God created everything that must mean that he put his love into his creation thus I have come to belive that he is somewhat human.

Last, but not least scientists have theorized that there are more than one universes thus they are called a multiverse thus I have theorized that heaven, hell, and earth were created after the universe of heaven was established. So many questions yet are there any answers?


Dear L

First, let me tell you where you are correct. You are correct when you say the universe was created from the fabric of God's soul. You are also correct when you say the love of God is present in every part of His creation.Finally, you are correct when you say that what we call the universe is only one of an infinite number of possible universes.

You are incorrect, however, in several areas. First of all, Satan was not a mistake. Actually, many people believe Satan was created by the church to represent the embodiment of worldly temptation. If such a creature exists as a distinct phenomenon, he and his work are part of God's plan to help us develop into beings who will eventualy grow beyond these temptations to the spiritual beings we are intended to become.

Second, you say that the fact that God's love exists in his creations shows his humanity. I believe you have it backwards. The fact that humans are able to recognize the presence of God's love within us shows the close relationship we are able to establish with our Father. Family resemblances are passed down from parent to child, not from child to parent.

God is neither human nor inexperienced. We humans are the mere infants aspiring to grow closer to the Godhead from which the universe emanated.

Personally, I can't wait to see what I am going to become when I grow up.

Best always
Brother Ron