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Is the Theory of a Multi-Universe Plausible?

Dear Brother Ron

Is the Theory of a Multi-Universe Plausible? If so, then does God exist in these other places? Is he the same God or a completely separate one? Did god make them and if all the people are the same there are you still a Christian in the other universe?


Dear Alice

Our understanding of the universe is based on our understanding of time as a linear concept. In other words, time flows in a single direction like a laser beam. That would mean that there is only one time and only one direction it can go. But what if time is like a light bulb which emits light in all directions? This would mean there are an infinite number of timelines, each leading to an infinite number of possibilities? This is the basis for the theory of parallel uni- verses.

Fortunately God is not confined to our limited understanding of space and time. He is truly infinite. This means that not only does God exist in all of these infinite dimensions of space and time, He is Lord and Creator of them. He is still the same infinite God that he always has been and always will be.

Since an infinite number of timelines implies an infinite number of possibilities, I would doubt that everything is the same in all of them. In fact, I strongly suspect that no two of them are exactly alike. This means that not only is it possible for anything to happen, it already has. It would not surprise me to learn that in some universes I am a world-famous musician. In others, I am governor of the state of Oklahoma. In others, I am in prison. In others, I have been dead for many years.

Would I still be a Christian? Again remember we are talking about an infinite number of realities and possibilities. In some of these realities, I might be the leader of a great

Christian church or organization. In others, I might be a Muslim. In still others, I might be a Buddhist or Hindu. Remember we are talking about infinity, which is an incredibly large number. Even if the chances of something are one in ten billion, that's less than a drop in the bucket when compared to infinity.


Best always

Brother Ron