Keeping Your Cool



1.                  Participants will learn to identify stressful situations in their lives.

2.                   Participants will learn to examine these situations and identify the source of stress.

3.                  Participants will learn to develop strategies to remove the stress without using antisocial or counterproductive actions.



1.                  Classroom with adequate chairs and tables or desks.

2.                  Pencils and paper for each participant.

3.                  Marker board and markers

4.                  Handouts for each participant



            1.         Greet the class, establish order, take roll (if needed)

2.                  Explain that we are going to discuss stress and ways to overcome stress by taking positive actions.

3.                  Explain that everybody feels stressed out at times (including the facilitator). It is a normal part of life. The trick us how you react to stress. Make a chart on the board:



What is stressful

How do you cope

How to avoid it














4.                  Go around the room, have each person give a stressful situation. Explain that it could be something they have experienced or something they have seen others experience. Have them describe the situation, the stressful factor, how they cope and how the situation could have been avoided.


5.         If they need help identifying stressful situations, ask if any have seen others experience stress from:

A.     Demands from friends

B.     Problems with schoolwork

C.     Job-related problems

D.     Sexual relationships

E.      Drinking and/or drugs

F.      Money issues



            1.         Everybody experiences stress at certain times. It's part of life.

2.         The secret is to handle the stress without getting emotional.

3.         Emotion will cloud your judgment and cause you to make bad decisions.

4.         Thank the class, gather materials and dismiss.