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Kung Fu and God

Dear Brother Ron

Today my 6 year old son asked his father if Kung Fu is great and my husband said "Only God is great". Now I think this is extreme since my young son can't ask a simple question without my husband being narrow minded about it. Is this being narrow minded or am I just tired of one-sided remarks from my husband?

I told my husband that there are many things in this world that are great and come from God so since they come from God that makes them great so maybe he should take that into consideration before he contradicts what our son is trying to say. Kung Fu seems great to our son after watching Kung Fu Panda because he defeated evil which in our young sons mind is a great thing.

I don't want everything said to my son to be 'witnessing' since he is only 6 years old and may come to resent anything pertaining to God if everything said about God is in direct conflict to what my son says and he doesn't understand why. My former in-laws were like that towards me to the point that I couldn't say anything right because everything I said didn't have anything to do with their narrow minded beliefs towards God.

There are many things in this world we can talk about that are great and each one of them gives glory to God because He Himself created everything that is great. That is what I want my son to grow up understanding and not to make others feel inferior because they are not as narrow minded as he is. I want him to know God's love and not man's understanding of it.


Dear Adelaide

Actually Kung Fu was invented by Buddhist priests as a means of self- defense. Priests are not allowed to carry weapons. The robbers who frequented the roads at that time were not so ethical. Mastering kung fu requires the student to develop keen powers of concentration and self-discipline. It also requires physical fitness. There are worse habits your son could develop.

God is indeed great. So are the blessings he has given us. Perhaps your son could use this particular blessing to develop mental and physical discipline as well as a skill which might some day be useful in protecting himself or others.

That would be a great thing indeed.

Best always
Brother Ron