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Module 2 - Learning SMART

2a-Learning With Style

Different people have different learning styles. Some learn best by reading or
listening. Others learn best by watching a demonstration or by "hands-on" practice. Participants will identify their personal learning style and develop strategies to use their style to increase learning effectiveness.

2b-The Learning Environment

Effective learning requires the proper environment. Just as different people have different learning styles, different people learn best in different environments. Participants will identify the environment where they learn best and develop strategies to create the most productive learning environment.

2c-Lifelong Learning

Participants will discuss different life stages and skills and knowledge needed at each stage. Participants will develop an appreciation for learning as an ongoing process and more aggressively atempt to maximize the effectiveness of their learning experiences.

2d-What Kind of Quitter Are You?

Just as there are different styles of learning, there are different styles of quitting. Participants will discuss attitudes and behavior patterns common to quitters and winners and learn to recognize constructive and inappropriate attitudes and behaviors within themselves.

2e-What's In It For Me?

In order to be effective, there must be a reward associated with learning. Participants will develop systems to reward themselves for learning achievements in order to encourage ongoing learning effectiveness.

2f-Don't Study Hard-Study Smart

Participants will learn to use study time more effectively to produce better results on tests and assignments in less time using less effort. They will learn how to get better grades on tests, essays and speeches using visual mnemonics, props and efficient use of time.

2g-Get What You Want

Participants will learn how to set and achieve educational goals. They will learn the characteristics of effective goals and how to prepare their mind and body to achieve them.

2h-The Expert Test-Taker

Learning material and taking tests are two different skills. This program teaches participants how to improve their test scores and grades, while improving reading comprehension.

2j-Math Is Not a Foreign Language

This program teaches specific technoques for improving skills in math, science and foreign language. Also includes information on financing higher education.