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Life After Death


Dear Brother Ron

What do you think about Life After Death? The New Testament gives evidence of heaven, hell and resurrection. Ive been studying this topic in detail for my Religous Studies A level. So what is your opinion on life after death? Do you think Revelations is right that hell is a pool of fire burning with sulfur where inhabitants will be tormented day and night for eternity?

Cherry Pie

Dear Cherry Pie

Jesus tells us that no deed is good enough to earn you a ticket to heaven. It follows then that no deed is bad enough to earn you a ticket to hell. This entire philosophy is based on the premise that the human soul is separate from the Spirit of God. It is also based on the premise that God is waiting to see what we will do before deciding what He will do. Both premises are incorrect.

The book of Genesis tells us that "Genesis 2:7-And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul". To bring life to something which had been inanimate, there must have been something in that breath more than air. The word "spirit" comes from the Greek word for breath. The implication is that the Holy Spirit is the breath of God within us.

If the Holy Spirit is part of God, then it can not be lost. This would mean that God had lost a part of Himself. That would make Him less than He was and less than God. This is contrary to every teaching of the Judeo-Christian theology. So when the body dies, the Holy Spirit must return to its source. The whole fire and brimstone thing is a way for the church to control behavior and demond allegiance. Great marketing, lousy theology.

And God is not waiting to see what we will do before deciding what He will do. This would mean that God is as blind to the future as we are. This means that the laws of physics are more powerful than God. So God is not omnipotent or omniscient. Again, this contradicts basic assumptions about God. It turns God into a limited, blind deity.

I consider this an insult to God.

Best always
Brother Ron