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We are proud to announce our
"Living SMART"
outreach ministry!

To find out how you can bring the "Living SMART" ministry to your community.

I have been teaching career planning and life skills for over thirty years. Recently, the Lord has opened my eyes to the need for these skills among the citizens of South Carolina. In response to His calling, I have developed the "Living SMART" ministry.

This program consists of a series of one-hour programs. Each program has measurable objectives and uses a combinstion of lecture, reading, contemplation and activities to accommodate various learning styles. These programs have been proven effective in many years of use in corrections settings and Department of Labor programs for "at-risk" youth. I have organized the individual programs into modules designed to facilitate skills needed to meet the needs of the participants.

Module 1-Making SMART Decisions

Participants divide into groups and plan a 3-day trip. Participants must plan an agenda, activities, housing and transportation, all within a limited budget. The program gives participants experience in working together to reach a goal and teaches them how to break large projects down into smaller tasks which can be easily achieved.  

People who do not have a history of achieving goals are reluctant to set goals because they want to avoid future disappointments. This program helps participants recognize goals as blueprints for success rather than barriers or sources of disappointment. It also helps them identify a source of inner strength to give them the ability to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

This program teaches participants that goals must be Specific, Measurable,
Attainable, Rewarded and Timely. Participants learn how to use these criteria in developing goals and strategies to achieve them.

Participants will learn to appreciate themselves as worthy and capable of success. Each participant will complete a series of activities designed to show them their history of achievement and potential for future success.

1e-Writing Your Success Story

Participants will evaluate themselves in several areas. They will identify strengths and areas needing improvement. Emphasis is on evaluating yourself as "ready" or "not ready yet" versus a "pass-fail" mentality.

Participants will learn how to identify stressful situations. They will learn to identify the source of stress and cope with it in a positive manner which yields positive results. They will learn that stress is a normal part of life and is to be approached without fear or anger.

1g-Developing Inner Strength

Some people approach life with an inner strength which seems to carry them through any situation. Participants will learn how to find the inner strength to become the person they want to be.

1h-Developing the Right Motivation

Some people claim that students and workers are not motivated. This is not true. Everybody is motivated. But for some, the motivation comes from the wrong place and motivates them to take inappropriate actions. Participants will learn various sources of motivation and develop the ability to create internal motivation without relying on external sources.

Participants will learn about the reticular activating system, the video recorder in your head, and its role in forming a person's perception of self. They will discover the importance of avoiding negative input and the power of positive input to the RAS. They will also learn how to be their own source of positive input to generate mental energy for positive achievement.

1k-What You See Is What You Get

Participants will learn to use positive visualizations to relieve stress and improve performance in physical and mental tasks. They will realize the successful people are not the ones who wait until they become successful to see themselves as successful people. Successful people visualize their success, then achieve it.

1l-Laugh It Off

Developing a sense of humor is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and spirit. Participants will learn to use humor to relieve tension, renew energy and enthusiasm and alleviate anger, frustration and nervousness.