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Loaves and Fishes
Copyright 2003 Ron Barnes

Sax intro

The people saw the work Jesus did
And they wanted to see more.
Where He went, the people followed Him
From the mountains to the shores,
Five thousand gathered on the mountain.
They brought all their wives and kids.
They said, "He's the Messiah",
And they were awed by the works He did.
His disciples were worried.
The crowd had nothing to eat.
One small boy brought five fishes
And two loaves and he laid them at His feet.
Jesus looked up to Heaven,
blessed the offering and then
His disciples took the loaves and fishes
And they fed all five thousand men.

All the people were astounded.
They could not believe their eyes.
How could one small boy's offering
Feed a crowd of that size?
Jesus told His disciples,
"Gather what they don't use.
This is bounty from Heaven
And it is much too valuable to lose."
When the disciples were finished,
they had twelve baskets more.
All from one small boy who gave everything
He had just to please the Lord.
Everybody has something,
Though our offerings may be small,
Our Father knows how to use them
So they can benefit us all.

Sax solo

So like that one small boy's offering
Which the thousands satisfied,
We have gifts He has given
Which will be multiplied
When we use them for His glory.
When we offer them to Him,
They have power to be multiplied
And be the fount where miracles begin.
So let our loaves and fishes
Be a blessing to the Lord.
Let Him use them to feed those
Who have a need just to hear the Word.
Let our loaves and fishes
Be a blessing to man.
Let them multiply so Jesus
Can spread His love throughout the land.
Let my small miracle be part of the Master's plan.