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Making the Most of Your Day


Dear Brother Ron


We all rush, we worry, we wonder about the future and reminisce about the past. But how do you wake up every morning and consider how you will make the most of your day? How do you take every opportunity to make the most of what life has brought to you, whether it is only a little or quite a lot?


I think it doesn't matter how yo do this, wether it be through God or Jesus Christ, or just by taking the time to really appreciate those moments you are given. Every morning, I wake up to my beautiful son (six months old) chattering away beside me, and when I sit up and smile at him, his smile warms my heart, and that is the most wonderful start to a day I could ever hope for.




Dear Applestoapples


This day is all we have. None of us know how many more of them we will be allowed. So we must take advantage of whatever opportunities this day gives us to enjoy the life God has given us and seek opportunities to grow personally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.


Probably the first step in doing this is to define what you want to make of your day. If you are going to get someplace, you have to first decide where you want to go. If you are like most of us, you have several wants and needs. What are your priorities? Separate the things you want to do from the things you have to do. I find it helps to separate things into four categories:


  1. Important and Urgent-These are your hot burning fires-the electric bill that has to be paid today or they turn off the juice, a job interview, an injured child, etc.
  2. Important but not Urgent-Things that have to be done but are not immediate deadlines-an upcoming anniversary, birthday, job assignment, car repair, etc.
  3. Urgent but not Important-A ringing telephone, a knock at the door, a crying baby.
  4. Not important, not urgent-games, watching television, talking on the telephone


I find that if I give first priority to things which are Important but not Urgent, I keep them from advancing to the Important and Urgent category. This relieves me of a lot of stress and gives me more time to cope with Category 3 and enjoy Category 4.


Like most humans, I have not perfected this technique but Iím working on it.


Best always

Brother Ron