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The Mansion Across the River

A well to do young man heard about a beautiful and wonderful mansion in a land across the wide river near his home. It was reputed to be a place of peace and beauty where none wanted for anything. The young man packed up all of his belongings and set out to visit this wonderful place thinking that he would like to live there.

When he came to the wide river he looked across to the other side. Far in the distance he saw the mansion of yore in the far distance. A young child
beckoned him from the other side, but, as he had no way to transport his
belongings across, he turned up river to seek a way across. He had gone a fair way when he came across a sizable group of men working on a bridge. "May I help so that I may cross?" he asked.

"Of coarse" was the reply "We are in need of money to continue our work."

The man gladly gave of his wealth to be included in their venture. Long he
tarried there and much of his wealth he gave to the men to continue the work on the bridge. There came a day that he noticed that the progress on the bridge was not moving quickly enough for him to get across in a timely manner, so he abandoned the builders, packed up his remaining possessions and proceeded up the river in search of a way across. As he left the bridge builders he once again saw the young child on the other side of the river beckoning him. But, alas he had too much to carry to swim across and the river was deep, so he continued up the river.

Some ways up the river he came across a group of men building a ferry.
"Can I help you build so that I can gain passage to the other side?" he asked.

"Yes," they replied "We need more money to finish our vessel." The man, a bit more reluctant, agreed to help. Time passed and the man saw little progress in the completion of the ship and he had spent a good portion of his remaining wealth on the project. He decide to continue up river to find a way across. Again, he saw the child beckoning him from the other side of the river. But, he still had too much to carry to swim across and the river was still deep.

Long he traveled and the river was getting narrower when he came across a group of men working on a barge. "Can I ride across the river on your barge?" he asked

"Alas", they replied, "We need money to complete it."

Skeptical but desperate he gave the men money to complete the barge even having to sell off his remaining belongings. Time passed and the men seemed to be more worried about their own lives and pleasures than working on the barge. "When will the barge be finished?" he asked.

"We are out of money and need more" they replied.

"I have given you all I have" the man answered.

"Then be gone" they said, "We have no use for beggars."

The man fled with nothing but the clothes on his back. Again, the child
stood on the far side of the river beckoning him. This time, with nothing left to lose, the man; by this time quite old, jumped into the river and swam to the other side. An old man met him on the other side. "What do you search for?" the old man asked.

"I search for admittance to the great mansion yonder" the man said .

The old man replied. "I am the master of the house, why did you tarry so