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He Works In Mysterious Ways
Copyright 2004 Ron Barnes

He's always there for me and every day,
He works in mysterious ways.

I don't know how He knows what's in my heart.
But everywhere I go, we are never apart.
Whatever I may need, He will provide.
He is my friend indeed, walking here by my side.

He knows what I must have before I do.
He is my rod and staff. He will see me through
The cares of every day and every night.
He will always find a way to make things right.

I know that He cares for me. There is no doubt
He will always be there for me to help me work things out. 
I know where I belong. I know where I will stay.
He shows me right from wrong in His mysterious way.


He is my every thought and every breath.
I know I need not fear in the shadow of death.
I have the strength of ten. I need not fear
I know I am safe from sin as long as He is near.

The troubles of this world can not bother me.
I know I am assured He has set me free
From worry and from care and I am amazed
How He is always there in His mysterious way.   

I know I am aware it's not just fate.
Tomorrow's waiting there and I just can't wait
For what he has in store through every day.
I know forever more I always will praise
His mysterious ways.