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The New Toy

Dear Brother Ron

I've been thinking about the way children behave. When children receive a new toy they treasure it, they guard it with there life. No one may touch their new toy. They must know where the toy is at all times. After a week or so they lose interest in the toy, and play with it less and less. After a while it becomes forgotten and no longer used. Its incredible value is gone.

Then one day another child visits and finds the forgotten useless toy. It is new and exciting once again. It shines with a new found value, so much value it upsets the child who the toy belongs to. It now becomes war, it's my toy I want it. It becomes time to reason with the child, "He just wants too play with it".

The toy with no value has now become golden and to be valued by kings. The tears fall and threats rage. The toy is wanted by someone else. I find this simple childish attitude interesting. Is this not how many men treat their wives only to find their interest has come too late?


Dear Dale

You make a very valid point. My only argument would be that this is not exclusive to men. Many women are also guilty of the same thing. And this is true about not only our relationship with our spouse, but our relationship with God as well. Many new converts are filled with religious zeal, which dissipates as concerns over worldly affairs become more pressing.

The main difference is that many people view their spouse as their possession. Obviously it is ridiculous to think that we alone own God. It is just as foolish to think you own your spouse or your children. They belong to our Father and have been entrusted into your stewardship. As a servant of our Father, your job is to protect, nurture and support them.

The secret to a good marriage (which I found out the hard way) is to find somebody you love more than you love yourself. If both partners enter a marriage with this attitude, the situation you mention can be easily avoided.

Best always
Brother Ron