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Our Pastor Keeps the Profits

Dear Brother Ron

A few people in our church found out that 15% of the income of the church goes to the church building (we are renting a facility) and the rest (85%) goes to our pastor every week. If money is needed for Sunday school or music ministry, the people are asked, but no budget is allotted to those departments. People in the music ministry do fund raisings to support the need for musical instruments, but the money raised is still required to be turned in to the church. Recently, we found out that our pastor owned another house which he bought 3 years ago. His family keeps this secret and one member of the church accidentally found it.

The reason we are staying in the church is because of our friends and acquaintances. A few of us go to other church to hear anointed sermons, because our pastor's sermon is so insufficient in sharing the WORD from the Bible. He even has joke time in the church, where he reads a series of joke from emails. His reason was: "To keep the people awake!"

At this moment, I am following the example of David, who did not cause harm to his King Saul. I am respecting him as an individual.

PS. A majority of the board members are family members of the pastor.



This man does a disservice to the term "pastor". This is the Latin word for "shepherd". The job of a shepherd is to look after the best interests of the flock. It appears that your pastor is only looking after his own best interests. Since he has family members on the board, I wonder if they are receiving material benefits as well.

I admire you for showing respect to your spiritual leader but I wonder if your respect is misplaced. Respect is not earned by the bestowing of a title. Respect is something you earn. From what you have told me, this man has not earned your respect. I am reminded of the words of Matthew 5:16. "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven". Do this man's works glorify God or do they reinforce the skepticism of non-believers? 

If your pastor is simply running the church as a money machine, you have two choices. You can either find another church or rally the congregation to boycott the collection plate until the pastor agrees to put the Lord's house in order. A church is not a minister or a building. A church is a collection of people. Your minister is not the church, you are. If the people in the congregation are content to let this man use the church as his personal piggy bank, that is your choice. Personally, I think the man is more interested in serving his material needs than serving the Lord or his congregation. I am not part of the church, so that's not my call.

Best always
Brother Ron