A quick look at me


Move quickly through the following list of traits. Put a “Y” (for yes) beside those that fit how you see your­self now. Use an "N" (for no) to mark those that do not fit. Use a question mark (?) to indicate the ones that you're unsure about.



I like myself


I have not developed my talents


I don't like to be around people


I don't understand myself


I enjoy school


I put up a good front


People can trust me


I use my talents in a good way


I am involved in extracurricular activities  


I use time well


I feel hemmed in


I feel bad about myself


I usually say the right thing


I control mvself


I don't enjoy school


I trust myself


I enjoy life


I waste time


I am fearful of the future


I enjoy nature


I am dependent on others for ideas


I enjoy people


I usually say the wrong thing


I often do the wrong thing


I think for myself


I don't like mvself


I have trouble controlling myself


I get discouraged about life


I know my feelings


I am afraid of being hurt by others


Now look at the traits you have marked and answer the three questions listed below.

Is there a pattern? How many Y’s, N's, and question marks?


Y________   N________     ?________


 Are most of them winner's traits, loser's traits or a mixture? How many winner's? How many loser's?


Y         Winners________   Losers________

N         Winners________   Losers________

?          Winners________   Losers________


What traits would you like to change?




D. What steps will you take to change these traits?