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Brother Ron answers your questions about religion, spirituality and ministry

Gatebuilder Ministry
A ministry to ministries. We want to help you become a more effective servant of our Father and your community.

Living Smart
Outreach Ministry

Equipping people to be positive,  productive members of the community.

Prayer Ministry
Prayers and prayer resources for Baha'i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, New Age, Pagans and other faiths.

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Religious Education
Resources to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world's major religions

Music Ministry
Ron's original gospel songs and links to Christian music web sites.

Resource Directory
Where to find help for medical problems, abuse, finances and other issues.

Career Planning

How to identify the right career, locate potential employers and get the job you want.


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Interfaith Resources
Beliefnet-Information and articles about various religions-find your religion with
Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
Doug Bennett's Religions Page-An excellent
collection of links to information about the religions
of the world.
Internet Sacred Text Archive-Collection of sacred texts from religions past and present
Psychology of Religion-Information, resources, news updates and more.

Religions of the World
African Religions-Read books and articles about modern and traditional African religions
Internet Sacred Text Archive-Collection of articles about the religions of Africa
The Sense of Sacrifice
The Ifa Foundation
The Bahá'í World-Official site from the Bahá'í International Community
Baha'i By Subject-Information about Baha'u'llah, social, theological and historic topics-free e-book library.
True Seeker-Search engine for Baha'i writings.

The Buddhism Resources on the Internet-Exhaustive collection of resouces.
Buddhist Studies-Information about Buddhism, the Buddha, Theravada, Mahayana, Nichiren, Pure Land, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism.
Buddhanet-Study guides, e-books, e-zines, directories, audio, links.

Celtic Deities
Celtic Religion-Discussion of Celtic Christianity, Celtic Shamanism, Druids, Faery religion, Neo-Paganism and Wicca.
Celtic Religion-History, mythology, Archeology

The I Ching on the Net-Translations, commentary, software
Chinese Philosophy-Classic texts & information about Confucianism, Mohism, Daoism, Legalism, & other resources
Confucian Texts-Tao Te Ching, Art of War, Tang Poems, Analects, Doctrine of the Mean, The Great Learning, Filial Piety-in Chinese with English trnaslations.
Taoist Studies in the World Wide Web-the Daozang, texts, books, essays, etc.

E-Sword-Download several Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, devotions, graphics, other resouces-a MUST HAVE for Christian studies.
The Christian Tradition-Excellent resource from Rutgers University covers life of Jesus, history, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestant Reformation, more.
Christian Faith Groups-From Amish to The Way-descriptions, links, statistics.

A-Z Hinduism-Articles, history, graphics, download sacred texts.
Hindu Resources Online-News, events, publications, directory of temples and ashrams, philosophies, travel guides.
Hindu Universe-Search engine with news, events, articles on families, India, children, health and more.

Download the Qur'an (Koran)-In English with commentaries-links to three libraries of Islamic works.
Islam World-Qur'an in several languages, Hadith & Sunnah, Fundamental Beliefs in Islam, Prayer, Ramadan, Hajj, and Eid, numerous other resources.
Islam Online-Islamic news, opinions, advice, articles.

Judaism 101-Award-winning site with information on all aspects of Jewish religion.
Jewishnet-Information about Jewish religion, society and many other topics.
Sacred Texts-English translations of portions of the Tanakh (Torah),Talmud,  Haggada,  Kabbalah  and Midrash

Native American
Native American Religions-Beliefs and practices of many Native American nations.
Native American Spirituality-Profile of Native American spirituality, discussion of beliefs and groups, extensive links for further study.
Native American Church Index-Information about the church, peyote, Links to The Indian Reader, Neishte Kiva and Beyond Prophecy.

Modern Paganism-Characteristics, culture, resources
AvatarSearch-Occult search engine featuring links, events, forums, personals.
Pagan Religions-Information about pagan religions from Asatru to Vodun.

Shinto-Beliefs, practices, history, links for further research.
Jinja Online Network League-Shinto shrines, rituals, beliefs.
International Shinto Foundation-Information about Shinto, the Foundation, events.

Sikh, beliefs, daily wisdom, publications
The Sikh Gurdwaras-Locations of Sikh temples around the world.
The Sikhism Home Page-Origin & development, pholosophy and scriptures, way of life, resouces.

Church and School of Wicca-Definition, history, correspondence courses.
WiccaNet-News, search engine, FAQ's, reading room, other resources.
Sun Dragon Wicca Page-Wiccan Rede, magick, astrology, spells, sabats, moon