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Sanctity of Marriage

Dear Brother Ron

By not allowing gays and lesbian to marry, our government is preserving the 'sanctity of marriage'. So, pretty much, in a nutshell, this is our senators, our governors, our elected officials, putting their sexuality on a pedestal, and think that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality.

There is no legitimate backing as to why they do this, no solid evidence, just biased religious beliefs. Couldn't you find the least bit of discrimination in this? Even for as religious as you are, do you think our politicians should have the right to deny us rights, based on their beliefs?


Dear Avatar-less

The issue here is not whether marriage is a holy rite. The issue here is denial of civil rights on the basis of sexual orientation. As a minister, I am allowed by the laws of the State of South Carolina to perform and certify marriages. But even if I was not a minister,, I could still perform marriages because I am also a notary. Depending on state laws, this right is also granted to judges, magistrates, justices of the peace and other civil authorities. Clearly, the state considers marriage a civil issue, not a religious issue.

I choose not to pass judgment on the sexual conduct of others, as long as that conduct has no harmful consequences. I do oppose sexual conduct which can lead to harmful consequences, such as pedophilia, sadism/masochism and other potentially harmful conduct. I find nothing offensive, however, in two people wanting to make a legal commitment to love and care for each other. I also find no valid medical or sociological proof that non-traditional family relationships have a harmful effect on legal dependants of such relationships.

So in the end, it all comes down to politics. The majority of voters have clearly shown their opposition to same-sex marriages where that issue has been placed on the ballot. The politicians know better than to fight the voters on this issue. It has nothing to do with their personal beliefs. We have seen many cases where politicians were exposed engaging in practices they had publicly opposed. It has to do with getting elected. I am afraid this issue, like the issue of racial equality, will have to be settled by the courts.

Given the current practice of appointing judges with conservative agendas, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Best always
Brother Ron