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Module 3-SMART Careers

This material can also be found as interactive web pages in the
Open Gate Career Ministry

A career should provide more than a paycheck. Participants will participate in exercises which will help them identify interests and abilities and suggest possible careers which will provide personal and financial rewards.

Formal instruments and assessments are good but they do not personalize the results for the individual. They also do not take into account community and organizational variables. Participants will learn to conduct organizational interviews to validate the results of career planning instruments, clarify their career focus and build support networks to facilitate future job-seeking activities.

Instead of pounding the pavement trying to find the right job, why not let the right job find you? This program teaches participants to use newspapers and computers to receive timely information about job openings and other valuable career tools.

Participants will learn to use active networking to exploit the "hidden" job market of jobs which are never advertised. This is where the majority of successful job seekers find employment.

A successful career is not a destination, it's a journey. Before we set out on this journey, we must make sure our bags are packed with the things we will need along the way. This includes a birth certificate, driver's license, Social Security card, references, transcripts, certifications, military service records, resume and completed job application. This program also discusses other documentation issues such as W-4's, I-9's, drug testing and credit checks.

Participants will learn the secrets of completing a job application which will survive the screening of the personnel department. This includes neatness, bringing a pre-prepared application and focusing information on the desired position.

Many people refer to a resume as a "curriculum vitae" (lessons from life). The employer is not really interested in what you have learned. He wants to know how he can use what you have learned to improve his organization. This program teaches participants how to design a resume which will sell the employer on the applicant as a valuable resource.

A cover letter gives the prospective employer a reason to read your resume and alerts him to content identifying the job-sekker as a good candidate. Participants will learn how to write cover letters which will get the employer's attention and result in more resumes leading to job interviews.

Employers usually want to check references. Participants will learn how to develop a list of references who will validate claims made in resumes and job interviews and encourage the prospective employer to make a hiring decision.

Participants will learn to approach job interviews with confidence and use the
interview as a positive exchange of information with the future employer.

Participants will learn how to evaluate their value to the employer and how to
develop a budget to determine their compensation requirements. This program also discusses the value of benefits in increasing rewards received from the job while reducing the tax liability of both employer and employee.

Every year, thousands of people go into business for themselves. This program discusses the advantages and dangers of entrepreneurship and provides information and directions for starting your own business..