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Module 4-Developing SMART Relationships

4a-There's No Place Like Home

A safe, comfortable and stable home meets numerous physical and emotional
needs. Participants will identify the rewards to be gained from such a home and factors which may prevent a home from meeting their needs. Participants will design an ideal home and explore the costs of maintaining such a home.

4b-Living With Others

Whether you share your home with a spouse, friend or roommate, sharing a home can lead to conflict when the parties disagree on such things as finances, conduct and maintenance. Participants will learn to identify possible causes of conflict and develop strategies to avoid them.

4c-Developing Equal Partnerships

Partnerships can provide the basis for emotional support, increased financial ability and facilitating accomplishment of goals. But a partnership must be based on mutual respect, consideration and trust. Participants will explore the legal, financial and emotional aspects of partnerships and develop skills to form lasting and effective partnerships.

4d-All In the Family

Participants will realize the value of a supportive family. They will also realize that families are made up of imperfect people who sometimes make mistakes. They will learn to forgive the mistakes of others and relieve themselves of the burden they may have been carrying for years due to the mistakes of others. This is essential to building a healthy understanding of family relationships needed to maintain a positive family relationship for themselves.

4e-What Is a Father?

Fatherhood is more than a biological function. Participants will learn the skills and attitudes needed to serve as a supportive father to their own children. they will learn how to relate to their children and spouses in a positive and supporting manner.

4f-You Are Not Alone

Participants will learn about community resources available to provide assistance in times of difficulty. They will learn how to identify and utilize community resources to maintain physical, fiscal, mental and emotional health within the family.

4g-Keeping Your Free Time Free

Many problems people encounter with drugs, depression and the legal system are due to counterproductive use of leisure time. Participants will identify nonproductive leisure activities and develop strategies to use leisure time in a productive manner.