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Stop Thinking and Start Appreciating

If you are like me, you have great days and not so great days. I have bad hair days and great hair days. I can be grumpy and I can be cuddly. It all depends on the way I chose to think, feel and act, first thing in the morning.

One day, while I was having a grumpy day and was not looking forward to my heavy daily schedule, my little two-year-old, Jacob, came into the bathroom and wanted me to hold her as I was trying to shave. I can't tell you that I did what she wanted - instead I ignored her by saying "not now little man, I am busy!"

Of course Jacob, as any innocent creature would react, sat down and started crying. I felt so horrible! I stopped shaving and with the shaving cream still on my face, I picked him up. While holding him in my arms and while he was rubbing the shaving cream all over my face, I had an urging sensation to look into his eyes! There deep into those beautiful and innocent blue eyes, I saw something I never thought I'd see in my entire life. I saw MYSELF - but not an image of myself, I saw my soul!

I immediately felt a sensation of peace. My entire being was affected with a feeling of being able to let go and I become totally relaxed. That day I understood that no matter how bad your day or life may be unfolding, the illusion of your perception can be eradicated by a simple stare into the eyes of a loved one, a person or a pet or even your own self.

Our heart is what tells us the truth; it is the messenger of our soul. Our loved ones are often the ones that suffer the consequences of our own doing, so STOP thinking and start APPRECIATING.