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To the workers of the Kingdom of God

I come to you tonight with words given to me from my heavenly Father to each of you on this day. I feel that we are building a foundation to a world that Christ looking to knock on the door. Are we going to be worthy for him to even take the time to even stop by to greet us even with our great iniquities?

This Church needs to show our heavenly Father that we are trying our best to
reach out to those that need him, to those who are heavy laden with guilt,
shame, poverty, many things that keep us from being who we should be. I am human. So human that I make many mistakes everyday. Some I make take me to my knees and to tears of agony, and fear of losing my soul over it. I know that many do not believe that we can lose our soul, but I feel that I can if I do not try to ask for forgiveness, and seek counseling from my elders, and those who are my advisers.

Is this Church the answer to all? No. We are but a mere door to many that need us who think that they are blind about Christ and are desperately seeking any hand hold to keep from slipping into oblivion. Most doors that Christ is knocking at, do not have a handle on the outside, we have to let him in. WE HAVE TO LET HIM IN. Yes!

If we are too busy with rules and regulations we slowly become like those who
were the Church In Jesus' time who were so into obedience and rules and
regulations, that when Jesus came they just knew that he was a phony. How could a young man from Nazareth, son of a carpenter be a savior?

We saw him grow up, we saw him in the temples. We knew he was well learned and and knew the scriptures more than most men alive. But a savior? blasphemy! They felt that their laws and rules ,and all that they had been obedient to would not let such a person who was conceived out of wedlock even rank on being close to the savior. Pure Blasphemy! This is what I feel God is telling me to share with you.

We can set in motion all we want to, but we need to keep our eyes and our hearts on the reality that is our heavenly Father who did not care who you are, you will be forgiven. FORGIVEN! Oh my God! Forgiven for all that I have ever Done! Oh my God will even forgive my enemies if they ask. We cannot even do this for each other, can we?

Are you praying for yourselves? Are you praying for your families? Your friends who do not even know that you are a great worker for Christ? How about your enemies? How about those who have given us hard times in this Church? Those who wish to be obedient in their own way? We do not always know others hearts, but I tell you on this day that we know ours, don't we?

Christ will come to everyone, even if we are arguing, and having judgments against each other, even when we are doing things we are not supposed to. He will come. What if he knocks on the door at the moment you finish reading this? Will you let him in your home to feed and bathe him or will you send him away like so many do?

His love is so tremendous that he forgives those who are making him bleed, those who are making him walk to gethsemane, those who are taking implements of torture and making him incoherent from pain. If he can forgive those who do this to him. How about us? How about those who just know that they are right without equivocation? Yes.

My God will forgive you, my brothers and sisters. We all have a piece of the
great puzzle that is the world. Many pieces just need to be put together to see
more of the picture. What does a piece of the puzzle look like? Go to a well lit bathroom and look in the mirror. You will find a true piece of that puzzle.

Let us keep our eyes on the Christ that is risen!! praise God He has risen even
when we are upset, when we are addicted to things that hurt us, when we are
hurtful to others, He is still risen!!

May the peace of the Lord be with you all as you sleep this night. Remember.
Forgiveness is FOREVER.