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All virtues can be considered gifts from God, in that God, by giving certain
virtues, wills us to be drawn to him by way of perfecting our lives in holiness.
Thus, virtues, as gifts from God, are all good, most desirable and perfect,
since they allow us to grow in God's graces. We might know a virtue by the way in which it draws us nearer to God and, inversely, we might also know a vice, by the way in which it tends to separate us from God.

There are several virtues and, since we see them as perfect gifts from God, when we abide by them with our own freewill we are offering them back to God in thanks through our interest in leading a more holy life in an effort to know God.

From this we see that virtues, the flowery fruits of our good labors, are to be
cherished always, closely guarded and abided by, utilized at all times and, by
remembering them frequently, we must strive to hold them within our hearts, not allowing sin to creep in working its destructive deeds upon them.

Therefore we see that virtues are God's gifts, and by receiving them joyously
then living by them abundantly and steadfast, we return these gifts back to God, in harmony with our freewill, proving our love for him by way of our actions, which bring man closer to God. Since virtues are not only gifts from God, but also bring man closer to God, whom might not seek them?

Virtue, how foolish I have been in my forgetfulness of you, not realizing you
were given to me by the Father, I allowed you to slip little by little away,
then upon losing you through neglect I allowed vice to latch on, and then, in
order to defeat vice's ugliness, I needed once again to shamefully ask God for
you. And then should I lose this new virtue as well? Virtue, my friend that you are, how I should hold your hand!

But what might you be, dear Virtue? Might you be faith, so lovingly granted by God, in order that I might know him? Might you be hope in Christ, washed upon me with his great mercy, like the blood that flowed from his side on the cross? Might you be charity, lightly dusted upon me so that I shall give to the poor? Might you be love, touching my heart with a fiery flame for God, filling me with sweet eternal desire, that I might know him, then, as he commands, serve him with love? Might you be humility, wielding your sword strongly in battle against pride? Might you be tears for Christ's passion, telling my heart of the love he had for me as they flow forth, begging me to die for him? Might you be sadness to prevent me from becoming too happy in the world? Might you be joy for the things of heaven and, once tasted, allow me to see the despair of looking to the world?

I see so much of you virtue, in Christ's life and, since I know Christ to be the
master of you and me, I know that virtue is true, to be searched out then
grasped tightly to my life, so as to bind me to Christ by imitating him with all
my abilities, however weak they may be.

O Christ, O Lord, O Incarnate God, I see in you all virtue: love, I see, when
you came down from heaven; humility I see, when you, my Lord, lived a simple life allowing the ultimate sacrifice; hope I see, in what you have died for; charity I see, in the way you lived. What a gift, my God, you have given me, for you gave yourself. May you be forever praised from my lips, for this gift I see, so wonderful, cannot be described and, for that, I owe you all my life. Praise be to you, my Christ, forever and ever and ever. Amen.