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When the Music Was Fun
Copyright 2002 Ron Barnes

Fifty-seven T-birds and fifty-five Bel Aires;
Wind in your face and Brylcream in your hair.
Drive-in movies on a Saturday night.
Elvis Presley singing, "Mama that's alright".
Otis Redding sitting in the morning sun.
I remember when the music was fun.

Walt Disney took us to a wonderful world.
Marilyn Monroe was our favorite girl.
El Dorado tailfins and "I Like Ike".
Playing cards flapping on the spokes of my bike.
Matt Dillon never missed when he drew his gun.
I remember when the music was fun.

Father always knew best.
Uncle Miltie was king.
We sent in our boxtops for the decoder ring.
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans wished us all happy trails.
And a three-cent stamp would deliver the mail.
Mickey Mantle and the Yankees, they were number one.
I remember when the music was fun.


Ozzie and Harriet, Ricky and Dave.
I Love Lucy and Burma-Shave.
Which twin has the Toni and Geritol.
We doubled our pleasure without breaking the law.
Dick Clarke and the Bandstand, forever young.
I remember when the music was fun.

And we believed in magic with a lovin' spoon
And we watched as Neil and Buzz took a walk on the moon.
San Francisco and the hippies were the talk of the land.
All the Beatles wanted was to hold our hand.
Mama knew we'd put our eye out with that BB gun.
And I remember when the music was fun.
Yes I remember when the music was fun.
Yes I remember when the music was fun.