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Why Do I Need to "Find God"?

Dear Brother Ron

I always hear Christians talk about how "after they found God/Jesus" they changed for the better-- pertaining to their morals and values and general day to day conduct or appreci- ation for life. I have very strong morals and values and I am not Christian. I know many non-Christians who are amazing, good people. I value this life and live it to the fullest. My life has meaning because I give it meaning.

So my question is, why did it take "finding god" to make you moral person? Why did "finding god" give meaning to your lives? I'm actually genuinely interested in finding the difference between you and I (and other non-Christians). Is it a matter of us having a stronger mindset, meaning that we are capable of making the right decisions without an outside source telling us what is right --- knowing our lives have meaning without having to go to a building to pray and have some man (or woman) tell us we're important? Nothing about Christianity seems logical to me.


Dear Elle

Many people want to be good people, they just are not very good at it. Like a person trying to assemble a piece of furniture, they need directions. For many, the teachings of the Bible and Jesus provide those directions. Finding the power of God and the Christ energy within also gives you the strength and focus to avoid the distractions of the world and adhere to a life plan.

It is entirely possible to lead a productive, moral life without converting to Christianity. Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and others do it every day. Actually, you may have a misunder- standing of what being a Christian is all about. It's not about joining a church or worshipping a statue. A Christian is a person who patterns his life after the teachings of Jesus. If you love and worship God and practice daily benevolence toward your fellow man, you are acting like a Christian, even if you have never been inside a church.

Actually, I think you may have already found God. You just don't recognize Him. You say you have a strong mindset. I assume you mean you are capable of internal discipline without relying on an external source of discipline. Where do you think that internal discipline comes from? Do you honestly think you are powerful enough to develop this without help from a source of infinite power?

You don't find God in a building or a book. You find Him in the innermost core of your being. Once you do, you will understand what all the excitement is about.

Best always
Brother Ron