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Why Does God Need Worship?

Dear Brother Ron

If God made all that is, why does God need man to worship Him? He is God.  Everything that can be, will be and was is His. He is everything. But He somehow sits outside these boundaries. How is that possible?

Also, why would God need such a human concept as worshiping? By that, I mean why would GOD, the creator of everything, need simple man to worship him? None of this makes sense. There is no great plan. What could we do in a great plan? God has everything. Nothing can not be His. So why does he need to be worshiped? Why does he think so much like a man? Could it be because God was made by man?


Dear Ohm

God does not need worship but we do. In a world where we are constantly beset with problems, in a world where people and circumstances constantly make us feel small and helpless, we need to focus on the boundless Spirit of God within us. We need to seek the wisdom of our Father to find strength and wisdom to overcome any obstacle. We need to remind ourselves that we are children of the living God and have value in His eyes.

You ask how God can sit outside the boundaries of our reality. This is a very hard concept to grasp because we tend to think that we completely understand the universe. We don't. Just because we are limited by space, time and probability, that does not mean that God lives within those same boundaries. We read science fiction books and see movies about time travel and parallel universes. Imagine a being for whom such concepts are a reality. Imagine a being for whom all time, space and probability are the same. If you think you have trouble grasping this concept, imagine how hard it would have been for the people hundreds of years ago who did not have our understanding of our world and its place in the universe.

This explains why churches preach a limited concept of God. You ask if God was made by man. In the sense that most religions teach a limited concept of God, the answer is yes. We did not create God but the religions created a simple concept of Him which simple people could comprehend. It also has to do with marketing. One of the basic concepts of marketing is a confused mind will not buy. So, in order to get people to support the church, the church had to present God in a simple form which people would accept and support.

When you say there is no plan, you are incorrect. There is a plan and we are part of it. You might say we are God's tools. When you try to make repairs to your home or your car, do you use your bare hands or do you use tools? Since God lives outside the boundaries of our physical world, he needs tools to do what needs to be done here in the physical world. That's where we come in. Part of worship is finding out what part our Father needs for us to play in His plan and how we can be His tools in achieving His purpose.

Like all good craftsmen, God wants His tools to work properly. As long as we work to achieve His purpose, He will give us all the resources we need to be successful. It is only when we decide we are smarter than God and our goals are more important than His that He says, "You're on your own".

Best always
Brother Ron